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This is our motto and our Curriculum Intent. 

As schools we want to provide our pupils with the academic knowledge and skills that will provide the foundations for their future lives. We want to give our pupils the opportunity to be the best that they can be, ensuring that they have the best possible start to their education so that they are well prepared for secondary school, university and life. 

But we know that education is so much more than being able to read, write and count. It's about becoming more rounded, developing skills and abilities that are not measurable in tests, it's about developing relationships, respect for themselves, others, their communities. Opening Minds is all of this and more. It's about giving our children greater cultural capital so that they can appreciate the work of great musicians and artists, experience sporting opportunities, grow in confidence and raise their aspirations.


This is our new Vision statement.

No buzz words, just a statement of intent that we can all stand by and relate to. 

Importantly, this vision does not refer to just the children - instead the vision is for 'all in our community.'

All relates to children, families and staff - we have a responsibility to all, to seek to inspire all so that we are happy, confident and equipped for life. 

If staff are inspired, happy and confident, the children will benefit from better quality, inspiring lessons. 

If pupils are inspired, happy and confident they will develop as learners and will grow into the adults we hope they will. 

If families are inspired, happy and confident they will see that we work closely in partnership with them, supporting them where required and involving them wherever possible. 

Community too was a word chosen carefully. It doesn't just refer to those within the school gates. We seek to be outward facing wherever possible, to support and involve our local communities and to build and develop positive relationships.

We believe that everybody in the Spires Federation should have the opportunity to Shine - and this led us to consider the Values we felt really important to promote.

Success - we wanted everyone to achieve, to be their best self, to push themselves - and be supported to reach their goal.

Happiness - this may sound a little simplistic, but it is a real challenge. Happiness comes with fulfilment, feeling respected, being treated with honesty and integrity. At its simplest level it suggests being happy in school - a precursor of which is to feel safe, understood and valued by all.

Inspiration - we want our children and staff to aspire to great things - whether that be the piece of art or writing they are doing at the moment or whether that be a career aspiration. To do that they first need to be inspired. Inspiration can come from staff, fellow pupils, visitors, visits or simply from a lesson or having someone believe in them. To be inspired is great, to be an inspiration is greater still.

Nurture - one of the amazing strengths of the Spires schools is the family feel - the care, kindness and support that is tangible to all. This is something that we want to develop even further. Life, and its demands, can make people forget about others. A key element of what we want to do is to develop each other, make time for each other, develop skills, abilities, teamwork, relationships, to develop a sense of confidence and the strength to see right from wrong.

Everyone- genuinely EVERYONE. We talk about the Spires Family and we mean it. Everyone here does not mean every pupil - it means every pupil, every family, every member of staff and our communities. We want to develop our pupils and our staff so that all feel valued. We want to work with and support our families, helping them wherever we can, involving them wherever we can. We want to work with, and be a central part of, our local communities.





Please continue to browse the pages of this website to gain a glimpse into life at each of our three schools and across the Federation. If you would like to find out a little more, or if you think our values and aspirations match those you have for your own child, we would love to show you around.    


Please contact the school offices to arrange a visit. 




We are proud to be a friendly, caring family of schools where children feel valued and secure. Our enthusiastic, dedicated staff work in partnership with our parents, Governors and local community to provide a well-planned, engaging and challenging education for all, helping each and every pupil achieve high standards. 


The children are at the centre of every decision planned and we look to support their development socially, emotionally, morally and academically so that they might be best prepared for their next steps in education, and for life in modern Britain and the world. We want every child to be excited about coming to school every day - and to leave having enjoyed their learning, deepened their knowledge and having been challenged to acquire new skills. 


We value parents as partners in the education process and there are many occasions when we invite parents into school to share in activities and to celebrate successes. 


 I hope the information on this website whets your appetite to learn more about the wonderful work that goes on in each of our schools. Please feel free to arrange a visit to any one of our schools....and if you can't wait, please check out our Federation and school twitter feeds for a snapshot of daily life across the Spires Federation. 


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