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Religious Education

A Vision for Religious Education 


‘Opening Doors, Opening Minds’ 


Through RE lessons at The Spires Federation, our vision is for all children to flourish and progress in their religious literacy. As a federation of 3 small schools, including 2 church schools, we recognise the core place that RE occupies in relation to our Christian distinctiveness (Digby and Dunston). We, along with the Diocese of Lincoln, recognise the opportunities that RE offers for pupils to learn about and respect a broad range of religious and worldviews. We celebrate the variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds that make up our school communities and actively help our children to become knowledgeable about diversity in worldviews, developing them into global citizens of the 21st century. We actively promote British Values, including respect for and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. We challenge racism and all forms of prejudice and we see RE as one curriculum area through which our pupils can encounter and critically reflect on a range of worldviews whilst helping them to recognise their own viewpoints.  


Through studying RE, the children are able to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world around them, allowing them to demonstrate our key values of Success, Honesty, Inspiration, Nurture and Everybody. Our curriculum drivers of Aspiration, Worldly Wise and Well-Being run clearly through our cohesive, progressive RE curriculum. 

Right to Withdraw

As a parent/carer, you have the right to request your child is withdrawn from Religious Education (RE) lessons. At Spires Federation, we aim to provide our pupils with a broad and balanced understanding of the world - including culture and religion - and would always welcome the opportunity to discuss this in more detail.   

If you would like to request that your child is withdrawn from RE, please contact the School Office and a meeting will be arranged. During this meeting, we will discuss the content of our RE curriculum and answer any questions that you may have to help you make an informed decision.