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A Vision for History

I believe that history is such a fascinating and crucial aspect of the curriculum, a subject that really engages children’s love of investigation and enquiry. History encourages us to make sense of the present world by exploring events of the past; it teaches us to reflect on the decisions made by past societies and helps us to understand changes and advances that have occurred and continue to have an impact on our lives today. History also provides us with a context from which to better understand ourselves and others and appreciate the complexity and diversity of human societies.


By studying a diverse range of significant historical events and figures, children are able to learn about real life examples of individuals who did, and in some instances did not, demonstrate our key values of success, happiness, inspiration, nurture, everybody. It provides us with the context to understand how implementing these key values within their own lives can have a positive and meaningful impact.    


Our curriculum drivers of Worldly Wise, Aspirations and Well-being run clearly through our cohesive, progressive history curriculum. We strive to create a history curriculum that is accessible and aspirational to all children within our Federation. There is a focus on developing key vocabulary and creating connections within the children’s learning through cross curricular opportunities and close links with our English curriculum and the key texts we study. I believe that history gives everyone who studies it an exciting opportunity to understand their place within the world and create a better future for subsequent generations. This ties in closely with our well-being focus as a school (for example the Jigsaw unit on dreams and goals) and further supports our aim of developing inquisitive, nurturing and inspirational learners.    


To quote the famous female African American poet Maya Angelou:

“I have great respect for the past. If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.”