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A vision for Geography 

We want everyone at our school to become enthusiastic geographers and adventurers, who are inquisitive about the world around them. 

Our geography curriculum is designed to ensure cumulative knowledge from EYFS to Year 6. As children progress through our geography curriculum, they should be encouraged to enjoy enquiring about the world around them, as well as their place in it. We want to inspire our children to be adventurous and happy in the skills of map and field work and we encourage our children to notice the positive effect that time outside exploring can have on our well-being.  

By embracing the diversity of the physical and human world and becoming worldly-wise, children will be prepared for success within modern Britain and the wider world outside of Dunston, Digby and Nocton. We nurture children’s natural curiosity and encourage communication and discussion about issues effecting people around the world.  

Our curriculum drivers of Worldly Wise, Well-being and Aspiration run clearly through our cohesive, progressive geography curriculum. 

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