Curriculum Statement

Spires Federation Curriculum Statement

 Our Core Values are: Respect, Honesty, Hope, Wisdom and Collaboration


 Our Mission:

 The Spires Federation is a nurturing family of small schools that are committed to excellence. We hope to inspire all of our pupils to enjoy learning, make outstanding progress and achieve their full potential.

 ‘Small school, wide horizons.’

Here at the Spires Federation we embrace our rural location and small school context. We want to provide pupils with an exciting and varied curriculum which enables them to appreciate where they live, but make them aware of their place in the wider-world. We strive to ensure all pupils reach their potential and become active, valuable and positive members of society, from the ‘Small school, wide horizons.’ Whilst being mindful of our statutory obligation to ensure that all children access the full coverage of the National Curriculum, ensuring progressive acquisition of knowledge, our delivery model reflects our community and context. Underpinning this stimulating curriculum are three important and aspirational intentions, that reflect the context of our small, rural schools:

We are committed to ensuring that ALL children have high aspirations and expectations of themselves, developing a life-long love of learning. We provide all of our children with the opportunity to cultivate their thinking skills; these skills are then developed so that they can apply them to the wider world context, ensuring purposeful and relevant outcomes, leaving a legacy for generations to come. Teachers are facilitators and pupils are encouraged to work collaboratively, self-directing their own learning journey.

We are developing these opportunities with a range of approaches, where relevant, all encompassed within a creative curriculum. 

‘The aim of education should be to teach us how to think, rather than what to think.’  JAMES BEATTIE

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Our Curriculum is carefully mapped out to ensure that we offer a broad and balanced, knowledge based curriculum. Our curriculum is coherant, sequential and is taught so that ALL pupils aquire the intended knowledge and skills required to build on what they already know.

We have explicitly mapped this out, so that all of our staff understand the learning journey for ALL pupils, for ALL subjects. This enables them to plan effectively and have the necessary subject knowledge to deliver a high-quality curriculum for ALL pupils, embedding and building on what they already know. We call these our NON-NEGOTIABLES. Click on the links below to see what each year group should know for all subjects.


















Please click on the individual school Curriculum tabs to access details about the National Curriculum that we follow and links to our own school Curriculum Intent and our planning overviews.