Nocton School List of Current Staff: September 2019

Senior Leadership Team      
Executive Headteacher   Miss Emma Hill  
Deputy Headteacher  

Mrs Laura Douglas

School Business Manager   Mrs Alison Aranda  
Flamingos   Ms Natalie Vaughan  
Class 3   Mrs Lydia MacNicol  
Teaching Assistants      
    Mrs Julie Traynor  

Mrs Amelia Perry

1: 1 Teaching Assistant

School Business Manager   Mrs Alison Aranda  
Administration Assistant   Mrs  Jessica Kramer  
Clerk to Governors   Mrs Janet Sheard (all three schools)  
Lunchtime Team      
Midday Supervisory Assistants   Mrs Karen Booth  
    Mrs Sheena Banfield   
Cleaning Team      
Caretaker   Mrs Sheena Banfield  
Maintenance Technician   Mr Pete Doughty (Nocton, Dunston & Digby)  
Wrap Around Care      
Breakfast Club Assistant   Mrs Julie Traynor