Our Fundraising Team


At Nocton Community Primary we are extremely lucky to have a very committed team of staff and parents who work incredibly hard to rasie money for the school.

Although not an offical committee, their role has been to develop strong links between staff, parents and the local community. They also help to organise a huge range of activies and events throughout the academic year, to raise much needed funds to benefit to edcuation of all of the pupils who attend the school now and in the future.

All funds are spent on necessary resources for the school. 

They organise incredibly successful events such as the Christmas Fair, The Summer Fair, Easter Egg Hunts and Discos. All events are very well attended and often raise mind-bloiwng sums of money!

This year, the target for Fundrasing is £10,000! All of the proceeds will go towards helping to redevelop the Outside Area to be used not only to help support the learning of the pupils, but to provide a much needed community resource in the future for Toddler Groups.