The Friends of Digby School is an active parent/teacher association at Digby C of E School and is open to any parents, guardians and teachers of the school.

Chairperson: Emma Newby

Vice Chair: Lisa Elliott

Secretary: Corinne Frederikson

Treasurer: Mandy Redsell

Fundraising Co-ordinator: Rachel Hill and Francois Hill

Events Committee: Nici Fuller, Collette Dolbear, Debbie Boomer, Hayley Atkinson, Leanne Rennie, Loren, Cameron.


Our Role is to develop strong links between staff, parents and others associated with Digby School.  We are also there to help support the school's activities and advance the education of those attending it - we purchase reward badges and items for education at the school which are not already provided from statutory funds.


Our fundraising has paid for the following:

2016: £1912 spent on reward badges, contributed to the pantomime, brought crackers for the Christmas meal, the year 6 leavers party and a science water table and chalk boards for Class 1.

2015: £4501 spent on badges, pantomime, the year 6 leavers party, Christmas crackers and two interactive boards for Class 2 and 3.

2014: £2509 spent on badges, pantomime, Christmas crackers, year 6 leavers party and interactive board for Class 1 and each class received a board game for Christmas.

2013: £1300 spent on badges, pantomime, year 6 leavers party, Christmas crackers and a new sound system for the hall.

2012: £2484 spent on badges, year 6 leavers party, pantomime, Christmas crackers, decorating and updating the library.  We also donated £50 to each class.