The Friends of Digby School


FODS is an active parent/teacher association at Digby C of E School and is open to any parents, guardians and teachers of the school.

Chairperson: Emma Newby

Vice Chair: Lisa Elliott

Secretary: Debbie Boomer

Treasurer: Emma Newby

Committee members: Rachel Hill, Francois Hill, Jo Battle and Amanda Redsell


Our Role is to develop strong links between staff, parents and others associated with Digby School.  We are also there to help support the school's activities and advance the education of those attending it - we purchase many exciting items for education at the school which are not already provided from statutory funds such as trips to the Panto, Interactive panels and laptops.


May 2022 ... Exciting New Fundraising Project for Digby C of E School!!!

FODS are are now onto our next exciting target for 2022...Outdoor continous provision and play equipment for EYFS on the bottom playground.

We are requesting donations from parents, carers, families and the wider community. We have set up a Just Giving Page, please click on the link below or scan the QR code. If, however you would prefer to give a cheque (payable to Friends of Digby School) you can do that too. Please don’t feel obliged to contribute, we would just ask that if you can afford to, whether it’s 50p or £50 it all helps us toward our target. We already have money raised from the photo competition and facebook raffle, but we need lots more! Please follow our facebook page for updates and news.  

Playground Equipment for Nursery – ESP PlayEYFS – ESP PlayComplete EYFS play area installed in Hertford -