Reading is front and centre of everything that we offer in our Curriculum model. Selecting the right text is vital to ensure that chidlren have a broad and rich understanding of any theme. We use the resources and book lists on the 'Books for Topics' website, which you can explore by followig the link below:



We offer a range of approaches to support and teach Reading at the Spires Federation including:


  • Daily Phonics lessons
  • Home reading
  • Guided reading
  • Individual reading
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Reading buddies (older pupils working with younger pupils)
  • Reading rewards
  • Extreme reading competitions
  • Wholesome and inspiring environments that emphahise to the chidlren just how important reading is and to inspire them to enjoy books 
  • 'Books and Biscuits' afternoon-parents/carers invited in to share a book and talk about texts with their children

You can take a look here at how we organise and match our books according to their year group and to the phonic ability of each child. All of the books that are sent home are carefully selected to ensure that chidlren can access the texts and phonically decode unfamilar texts.